S.O.L.A - LGBT+ Skateboarding Mexico 

I'm so glad to have been part of Drop In film project about the #LGBT community in Skateboarding.

A wonderful project that really speaks to me as it’s a subject linked with our modern society.

S.O.L.A stands for Skateboarding, Orguillo, Libertad, Amor.

A documentary that reminds us that we are all part of the same family as human beings and that we must accept all of our differences as it makes us stronger and who we are.

Now is the time to let our differences in the past !

Thanks to my good friend Mayra Gallegos for her trust, and letting me conduct an interview about her personnal life.

You rocks darling !

#onelove#lgbtq #lgbtskateboarding #skatedocumentary #friends #family #life #society #filmmaking #filmakers

Produced by :
Drop In Skateboarding

Directed by ;
540 Media

Filmed by :
Marco  Contreras
Diego Portillo
Corentin De Meirler
Luis Jiménez

Supported by : Vans

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