IN MOTION - Marie Gamen

« Take a leap of faith, listen to your body and your spirit.

Marvel at the beauty of nature and its grandeur.
Become one with it. Overcome its obstacles.
Simply let nature guide us and surprise us.

Escape, discover new horizons, take new directions and get away..
What matters is to hold on, to keep on course, to surpass and empty yourself.

Being alone, enjoy this pure and singular moment, be free to make your own choices, regain your senses and get back to the basics.

Feel : 
Every step, every stride, every breath, every thought..
Keep moving forward
and keep the will to create your own way. »
-Marie Gamen / IN MOTION

Original Idea : Marie Gamen
Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Colorist : Corentin De Meirler 
Audio Post-Production : Vincent Boulouard
Camera assistant : Thibault Amusini

Produced by : Corentin De Meirler 
In association with : Agence Stéphanie Protet & Arc'Teryx

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