“We had originally started this project (filmed in my hometown, Le Havre in Normandy) just before Covid 19 started but were soon restricted because of curfews and had to postpone the video for a whole year. By then we were back to facing the freezing winter nights. Filming in the streets at night is kind of refreshing though. There are less people around and it’s way more peaceful. I really enjoyed that side of it. All of that is what makes this video so special to me.

I’d like to thanks Corentin who filmed the whole video and stuck with me during all that time . Thank you Hadrien Picard for the idea of the etnies logo animation at the beginning of the video. Thanks everyone who helped at some point for this project, and thank you Ian Morris and etnies for the constant support over the years.” - Clément Carpentier are Official DIG Partners

Filmed by Corentin De Meirler
Edited by Corentin De Meirler
Colored by Corentin De Meirler
Audio Post-Production by Vincent Bouloiuard

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