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Corentin De Meirler

Born and raised in Normandy, France, Corentin spent his youth between the coast and the French Alps.

There, Corentin was first introduced to mountain biking. He followed that curiosity and combined it with his interests in music and cinema, which that later led him to start taking still images.

In 2013, he moved to Nice, on the French Riviera, to study entrepreneurship and sports event management. After an internship at UCC Sport Event, he worked as a freelance photographer & videographer specializing in outdoor sports and began work on movie sets as a Making Of Director.

After 2 years in southern France, and a few wonderful moments in Chamonix, he is now back in his native Normandy.

Corentin's marketing background helped craft the quality found in his works and provides countless opportunities to tell the stories of exceptional people and places.

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